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[Letter to Clara Breed from Katherine Tasaki, Poston, Arizona, January 15, 1944]

Tasaki, Katherine [ bio ]

[Letter to Clara Breed from Katherine Tasaki, Poston, Arizona, January 15, 1944]
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H: 10 in, W: 8 in (sheet); H: 3.875 in, 5.75 in (envelope)

Poston, Ariz., January 15, 1944


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


1 letter and envelope from Katherine Tasaki to Clara Breed.

Jan 15, 1944/Poston, Ariz./Dear Miss Breed,/Thanking you a million times isn't enough, so I'll raise it to a billion. But any way I say it, it still amounts to the same thing--thank you for the paper dolls./A childrens magazine called Play Mate comes in every month at our canteen. I get it every month, and untill recently, I never noticed the section where the children send letters. But its all a different story now. I've answered ten letters that were published in the magazine. I'm pretty satisfied, because from the first three I wrote, I got three nice answers. After that, I wrote the other seven./Really, I never noticed how interesting it was. My mother was born in Oahu, T.H., so I wrote to a girl there, and one in the Canal Zone, at Panama. There were so many from Canada, that it was pretty hard to pick one out, but I did./ Mama says writing ability is a nice thing to have, so I guess if I write a lot of letters, I will get a little ability. But I will have to get a good hand-writing to go with it. I never could write good./Well, it looks like we may be here for the duration, and we may not. There is a stop list, and if you are on that, you can't go unless the government changes its mind./ There are hearings, though, for people on the list. The reason we think we are on the stop list is that we went to Japan between certain years. Two other people on our block had hearings, but they don't know the verdic yet. I bet they're on pins and needles. We can always find out if we are on the list by looking up the names, but my mother doesn't have time. If we are on the stop list, we won't be called for a long time yet, for they are going by the alphabet. I think they are on the r-s by now./ Say "hello" to every body for me./Love,/Katherine/P.S./If you happen to see Annie, tell her to write.

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