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[Letter to Helen McNary from Louise Ogawa, Poston, Arizona, December 5, 1943]

Ogawa, Louise [ bio ]

[Letter to Helen McNary from Louise Ogawa, Poston, Arizona, December 5, 1943]
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Poston, Ariz., December 5, 1943


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


1 letter and envelope from Louise Ogawa to Helen McNary.

Blk. 330-9-D/Poston, Arizona/December 5, 1943/Dear Miss McNary:/Surprised to hear from me? It does seem like a century doesn't it? I thought I'd try my hand at typing tonight so here I am typing away to you. At least this time you'll be able to read my letter without too much strain on your eyes!/
How has everything been with you, Miss McNary? Are you still working hard at the library? I imagine the children keep you very busy. I am working at the High School Office as stenographer to the principal, Miss Cushman./This year school is really a school. The classes are now held in the newly built adobe school. There are many young new teachers from the east. The grading system, wide range of subjects, etc. are fine this year. Last year, being an experimental school year, things couldn't be helped being muddled as they were. At the present time Miss Cushman is trying to have the school credited through the Arizona State Education Division. In this way it will help the students when they relocate to schools in the outside. I certainly would like to be in school this year! When was it that I said I'll never want to go back to school??????? I wonder..../We are having a Xmas Bazaar in order to raise funds to buy toys for the children this Christmas. There is not much to the Bazaar except the various exhibits on display. It seems that most of the merchandise ordered for this affair did not arrive. But with the present condition as they are it cannot be helped. My, I certainly am rusty on the typewriter! How did I ever pass in typing!/How is the weather in San Diego? Here in Poston it is getting colder as the days go by. The other day the average temperature in the classroom was 40o. My goodness, pretty soon I will be a snow-girl../I imagine all the store windows are being decorated with Christmas trimmings since Christmas is slowly drawing near. I'll certainly miss the window shopping I use to love!!!!!!!/Will you tell Miss Breed that I had the pleasure of meeting the Jr. Red Cross Field Representative from San Francisco. I told me that she had dinner with Miss Breed before coming to Poston. I shall write to her very soon--at least I shall try. Please give her my regards./Well, do take care of yourself for the winter days are here! Here's hoping you will write soon./Most sincerely,/Louise Ogawa

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