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[Letters from to Helen McNary from Louise Ogawa and Margaret Ishino, Arcadia, California, May 21, 1942]

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[Letters from to Helen McNary from Louise Ogawa and Margaret Ishino, Arcadia, California, May 21, 1942]
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Arcadia, Calif., May 21, 1942


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


2 Letters and envelope from Louise Ogawa and Margaret Ishino to Helen McNary.

May 21, 1942/Dear Miss McNary,/Thank you very much for your lovely letter. I was certainly glad to hear from you./The weather in Santa Anita has been unbearably hot. Yesterday the temperature was 105 in the shade. I have a feeling this heat is going to continue for quite a long time. Baby Thomas is a good boy on the whole, but this weather is too much for him./Vacation reading club--that was the club I looked forward to until I went to Senior High. I truly enjoyed it! Please keep up the club as it is education as well as pleasure to read./I miss going to our famous zoo. Mrs. Benchley's book, "My Life in a Man-Made Jungle" was a great adventure for me, and told me the true facts of our San Diego zoo. I certainly wish she would write another book equal to that. Did Mrs. Benchley write "Raffy"?/
There is much to be done in a day; my baby brother keeps me quite busy. If there happens to be any discarded books you think I would enjoy, I certainly would appreciate them. It is very thoughtful of Miss Breed to send us such lovely books; we certainly enjoy them./
Florence and Louise send you their best wishes. Please give my regards to Miss Breed./Sincerely yours,/Margaret Ishino.

Dear Miss McNary /Greetings from far off Santa Anita! I hope you are sitting behind your desk, in the best of health with your always smiling cheerful face, as you did in the good old days of yore. When I say - I hope you are in the best of health - I mean it from the bottom of my heart putting all joking aside./Thanks a million for the delicious candies. They were very very delicious indeed! After eating a piece of the candy, my father remarked - "My, this candy is as sweet as you and Miss Breed!" And oh, how true that is! Thank you again./It is very hot in Santa Anita. As Miss Breed has noticed we, Margaret, Fusa, Yaiko, and I, all are as black as we could be--maybe I should have just included myself because I certainly am black--BLACK. If I was standing next to you during a blackout, you wouldn't know whether I am there or not. I imagine San Diego is pretty hot but not too hot or am I mistaken?/I imagine you've heard from Miss Breed that she visited us. I was overwhelmed with joy to see her. I certainly missed seeing you but I know how busy you are. I hope one of these days I'll be able to surprise you and come walking merrily into the library and say--"Hello, Miss McNary, it's so nice to see you again!" I am praying that that day shall come soon./Oh, the mess hall bell is ringing so I must be trotting along for my tummy is calling for food. I hope you will write sometimes!/Thank you again for the candies!/Very sincerely yours,/Louise Ogawa/Ps. My address is:/District 1/Bar. 7 Unit 1 Ave. 7/Santa Anita Assembly Center/Arcadia, Calif./

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