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[Letter to Clara Breed from Yoshiko Kihara, Poston, Arizona, December 9, 1943]

Kihara, Yoshiko Kubo [ bio ]

[Letter to Clara Breed from Yoshiko Kihara, Poston, Arizona, December 9, 1943]
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letter | card, Christmas
H: 8 in, W: 5 in (sheet); H: 5.5 in, W: 4.25 in (Christmas card folded); H: 4.5 in, W: 5.625 in (envelope)

Poston, Ariz., December 9, 1943


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


1 letter and envelope from Yoshiko Kihara to Clara Breed + 1 Christmas card from Yoshiko and Shuyo Kihara.

December 9, 1943 / Poston, Arizona / 325-13A / Dear Miss Breed, / I am ashamed of myself for not writing to you sooner. So many events have occurred since I last wrote to you--I don't know where to begin. / Before I go into all the happenings here in Poston, how has everything been with you? I sincerely hope you have been enjoying the best of health and happiness. We have all been well and are still working at our various. / To begin with, both Shizuye and I are married now. Both of our husbands are from Central California. Shizuye's hails from Reedley and mine is from Ivanhoe, California. We are living in adjacent blocks so that makes visiting a very simple matter. The family lives only three blocks away so that helps a lot. / I am very fortunate to find myself living in the same block where the Camp III Public Library is situated. The library always was a popular spot back home and here is no exception. Students pack the tables at night--catching up on their reference work for school. / Please take care of yourself and best regards from us all. / Sincerely, / Yoshiko Kihara

Greetings / Just saying "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" / But that phrase is one that brings / A million MORE good wishes / For the BEST of LIFE'S GOOD THINGS! / Sincerely, / Mr. and Mrs. Shuyo Kihara

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