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[Letter to Clara Breed from Katherine Tasaki, Poston, Arizona, February 22, 1943]

Tasaki, Katherine [ bio ]

[Letter to Clara Breed from Katherine Tasaki, Poston, Arizona, February 22, 1943]
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H: 8 in, W: 5 in (sheet) H: 3.5 in, W: 6 in (envelope)

Poston, Ariz., February 22, 1943


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


1 letter and envelope from Katherine Tasaki to Clara Breed.

Feb. 22, 1943/(1)/Dear Miss Breed,/I recieved your letter yesterday but I should have thanked you days ago for the Valetnine cards. They sure are a lot of fun to make./I have been busy lately because our room is being partitioned. (At last!) I looks nice now because it is white plastic board, but it is rather small./Are you having very many blackouts? We had a practice blackout last night. It lasted only ten minutes though. But thats long enough for me. I've had enough in San Diego and I thought I was getting away from them./I started going to the libary a few days ago. I had a libary card, but the last time I returned a book was in July 10th, 1942. This time there are more books, but before they didn't have half as much, so the children's books and juvenile were all mixed up on one shelf. Since there are so many books, the libary is cut in two sections. One half is the audlt's books and the other half is used as juvenile and childrens books./Everybody is playing basketball now days. I guess it is the season for it. I really don't care very/(2)/much for it, but I made it at least once!/I have heard from my father. He is in Gila, but he plans to go out soon. He sent me a five pound box of candy for Chirstmas, and Chinese checkers./I guess thats all the news for now, but I hope next time I won't be so late in writting./Yours Truly,
Katherine Tasaki/P.S./I'm sorry I have to write with pencill, but we don't have any ink, and there isn't any ink at the canteen so we have to save all we have in our pen.

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