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[Letter to Clara Breed form Yaeko Hirasaki, Poston, Arizona, September 16, 1942]

Hirasaki, Yaeko [ bio ]

[Letter to Clara Breed form Yaeko Hirasaki, Poston, Arizona, September 16, 1942]
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Poston, Ariz., September 16, 1942


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


1 letter and envelope from Yaeko Hirasaki to Clara Breed.

Sept. 16, 1942/Dear Miss Breed,/How are you? Received your gift the 15th--Thanks those miniature clothes pins will come in handy./
Now about life in Poston--the first day was very disappointing but toward the end of the week I got use to the dust but not the heat. /The second day after I had arrived I was put to work in our block mess hall. The work isn't so bad We have three shifts an hour each meal--we work exactly three hours but get credit for 8 plus a day off. /On my first day off I hiked down to the Colorado River which is about 3 miles from our camp. I started early in the morning (I found out that is the best time to start out because not only is it cool but you can see the wild animal life in motion. I discovered two wild horses near the river./The second day off I visted Katherine and her mother in Camp # 1--about seven miles from our camp. Gee Katherine has grown so tall since I had a glimpse of her in Santa Anita./I'll close now I have to turn in./Sincerely,/Yaeko

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