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[Letter to Clara Breed from Yoshiko Kubo, April 23, 1942]

Kihara, Yoshiko Kubo [ bio ]

[Letter to Clara Breed from Yoshiko Kubo, April 23, 1942]
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Arcadia, Calif., April 23, 1942


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


1 letter and envelope from Yoshiko Kubo to Clara Breed.

April 23, 1942/Dear Miss Breed,/I received your most welcome letter this morning. The only thing to really look forward to here is eating and receiving mail./As yet there are no vacancies for the jobs I applied for. I inquired this morning about doing volunteer work in the Recreation Department but it seems no openings are expected until next week sometime. In the meantime, I am going to do observance work with the various age groups which range from 5 to 12 years of age. The school hours are from 9 to 11 in the morning and 2 to 4 in the afternoon. The children are marked down for clean hair, teeth and hands, somewhat like regular school. The younger children enjoy games such as New York, Ring around the Rosy and such. The older boys have regular games of softball and you should see the crowd that turns out to see the boys play. (Boys over 12)./The food is very good and now the Red mess hall where the San Diego group eats is divided into 3 groups. We have red buttons numbered 1, 2, and 3. The San Diego group is all in the number 1 group./There is a canteen where various items are sold such as ice cream, candies, cigarettes, household necessities and it seems that more foods are being added daily. Yesterday, potato chips, pies and cakes were sold for the first time and they certainly did sell out quickly./ I hope I have helped you in getting somewhat of a picture of what is what here, although very sketchily. The books would certainly be deeply appreciated since the ones we did bring up here have been longsince read and sometimes re-read. /Thank you again for your letter and many thanks for your kind thought. /Sincerely,/Yoshiko Kubo

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