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[Letter to Clara Breed from Fusa Tsumagari, Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 2, 1944]

Tsumagari, Fusa [ bio ]

[Letter to Clara Breed from Fusa Tsumagari, Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 2, 1944]
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Minneapolis, Minn., June 2, 1944


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


1 letter and envelope from Fusa Tsumagari to Clara Breed.

June 2, 1944/Dear Miss Breed, /I'm sorry that I did not write to you sooner. It's long been on my conscience, but just everyday living keeps us busy. /As you know, I am living with my sis and her husband. All three of us are working; they in Heinrich Envelope Co., and I in L.S. Donaldson Company, a dept store, as a typist in the mail order division. The work is monotonous and rather tiring at times, but I enjoy it. There are lots of things to learn, people are nice, and my typing has increased in speed and my accuracy is getting better. We're slightly swamped with work and consequently have little time to fool around, like in camp, but time passes fast./Thank you for the letter you sent me, and it was especially nice since it arrived the same day that I did. By the time I received your second letter, I was already working, so did not see the ladies you so kindly wrote about. However, I am planning to go to school (business) and after graduation take a civil service exam if any of the ladies could help me, work with them. School will begin in the fall for me. There is summer school, but this seems a waste of time as it is not as concentrated, so have decided to wait until fall. /Last Sunday Ikuko Kuratomi (do you remember her?) called me. She is living in St. Paul and attending Hameline University. She is coming over this Sunday for dinner and we hope to get some reminiscing and patchwork of our life pattern put together. Their family did not go to Poston with the rest of the S.D. people; they went to Denson, Arkansas. After that I lost track of her, but was always under the impression that she was in Milwaukee. I was certainly surprised to know that she's in the twin city instead. /It is certainly sultry hot here. We have sudden thunder showers, but still it doesn't get very much cooler. There really isn't any place that has as ideal weather as good old S.D. You should appreciate the mild weather that's from one who knows!/I miss my folks more than I realized or thought I would. These waves come over me every once in a while, but am slowly getting used to living without them. Am really beginning to understand the value of money, too. /How are you? Have you had your vacation yet this year? What are you going to do or done already? /Please give Miss McNary my best regard. Your mother, too. Take good care of yourself. Write soon./As ever,/Fusa

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