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[Letters to Clara Breed from Margaret Arakawa and Katherine Tasaki, Arcadia, California, ca. April 23, 1942]

Arakawa, Margaret [ bio ]
Tasaki, Katherine [ bio ]

[Letters to Clara Breed from Margaret Arakawa and Katherine Tasaki, Arcadia, California, ca. April 23, 1942]
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Arcadia, Calif., April 23, 1942


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


2 letters from Katherine Tasaki and Margaret Arakawa to Clara Breed written on the back of a page on which 2 notes are written by Helen Fay to Miss Breed (1 sheet). Undated. Date is estimated.

Sattiday at Pasadena P.O./6 o'clock/While Joy mails orange blossoms to our Eleanor I'll start a Yaller Journal on WPA paper. Joy and I waited at Santa Anita from 330 to 5.30 hoping Margaret Arakawa could come out to see us--we learned many things while waiting, all of which I would rather tell you than write--To-morrow we go back to get there at 10 AM--Wrote Margaret a note which went into her via a nice Japanese gentleman. Between now and the time you come up (and as I write that the very same ketch comes in my throat as I had two long years ago when you spent an Easter week-end here in L.A.) I shall have ferreted out a way to get passes--No one was allowed in to-day--will continue this demain./Sunday Eve./These two notes will tell you we saw Margaret and Catherine and Mrs. Tasaki who tho uncomplaining was near tears all the hour we were near--Once more no one was allowed past the gates. I am going to call up the head of the WPA to see if I can have an app't. This is the first time I've really wished for a car of my own---We went to the Bevis home to find that Dorothy had come down last eve. suffering terribly with neuritis--she and her Dad here at the Doctors--Would write more were there time before mail pick up-/Again my love Helen

Dear Miss Breed,/Thank you for your lovely card. Miss Fay came Saturday and was unable to see me. I was able to see her Sunday at 10:00. She has given me two books. Matchlock Gun and Timmy. She has been wonderful and I appreciate her generosity. Congratulations, Miss Breed, Miss Fay says you are the new head of the Newberry-Caldecott award. I'll write again./Sincerely yours,/Margaret Arakawa

Dear Miss Breed, /I wish I could see you and the library, and just finish my card. I sure do miss the library. I remember how I used to climb the stairs. I will write another letter soon. /Katherine Tasaki

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