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[Letter to Clara Breed from Fusa Tsumagari, Poston, Arizona, November 15, 1943]

Tsumagari, Fusa [ bio ]

[Letter to Clara Breed from Fusa Tsumagari, Poston, Arizona, November 15, 1943]
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Poston, Ariz., November 15, 1943


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


1 letter and envelope from Fusa Tsumagari to Clara Breed.

November 15, 1943/Dear Miss Breed,/Almost every day I go to the post office wondering whether or not there will be a letter from you. I'm almost always disappointed for I haven't heard from you in ages. You're not ill are you? Or too busy to write? I hope not./We had a visitor, Mr. Harris Rummell, from San Diego, who is looking after the goods we stored at the church on 13th street. We were certainly glad to see a familiar face from San Diego. You know, to us he is one of the unsung heroes of the day. In spite of oppositions of all kinds he has been willing to stand up for us Japanese-Americans and has been more than gracious in sending us goods when we wanted it. He may have no medals, but he has a big place in our hearts. He is doing his part as a real Christian and teaching us that there is such a thing as democracy even in wartime. A truly unsung hero of the day./As more and more internees come back as a result of their rehearings, I am kept busy seeking a rehearing for my father. I am awaiting some replies and continuing to write until such time that I do get a definite answer./Tetsuzo's father returned, but found his home empty. Tets is out working near Tule Lake and his sister was out on seasonal cannery work. She must have returned by now, but as yet I have not seen her. /My mother is working in the mess hall as dietician. It's getting cool so she doesn't mind working there so much now. /I am busy embroidering my sister's pillow cases for Christmas. It's slightly early but I'm so pokey that there is need for lots of time./My father sent us a wooden carving of my brother. It is amazing how much my father has improved. There isn't much resemblance except around the chin, but his mastery of carving has amazed me, especially since I've never seen him draw a thing before in my life./Please take good care of yourself and write soon if possible./Sincerely,/Fusa Tsumagari

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