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[Letter to Eleanor Breed from Yukio Tsumagari, Arcadia, California, August 7, 1942]

Tsumagari, Yukio

[Letter to Eleanor Breed from Yukio Tsumagari, Arcadia, California, August 7, 1942]
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Arcadia, Calif., August 7, 1942


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


1 letter from Yukio Tsumagari to Clara Breed's sister, Eleanor. Based on this letter it can be assumed that Eleanor prepared exerpts of letters written to the Berkeley International House by students and alumni of UC Berkeley who were interned. See 93.75.31GC and 93.75.31GF.

Dear Miss Breed, / I know that I do not know you personally; however, I am sure that you, like your sister Clara Breed must be an individual with great understanding judging from the type of work that you are engaged in today. Your sister has been very good to my mother and sister in many ways and at various occasions. I should like to add here that her thoughtfulness has been quite a boost morally for each of them. You may be sure that her generosity and graciousness has created a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude. / Camp life here in Santa Anita is very complete in the sense of organization. The camp has been divided into various districts from one to seven in order to facilitate the housing and feeding of all the evacuees. Each district has a mess hall which is identified by a shade of color. Each mess hall has a seating capacity of approximately fifteen hundred. Post offices, toilet facilities are distributed through the camp. There is one main Hospital in camp equipped with surgical & medication to care for the sick. / For the sake of maintenance of mental pacificitym there are several very well organized departments. The recreational, education departments are the two largest and most active departments in camp. The primary purpose of both departments is to keep both adult + children occupied mentally or physically in some fashion. The recreational department have numerous baseball, softball, wrestling, weight lifting leagues + contests; clubs of all sort including boy + girl scoutings, sewing, knitting classes and even dancing + art classes. In the education department, with what facilities they have, there is organized school for adult and children from the first to the seventh grade. The school is on a pure voluntary basis, that is on the part of the students. There is a library made of books accummulated by various clubs. Books have been donated by various libraries and individuals from the outside. / Although the camp may seem complete in various ways, there are many disadvantages as you can readily see. Discontent with present conditions has been the root for many disorders lately. The "kicks" so called have been directed at the administration not as individuals but for the general policy enforced by them. / Today, the spark lighted the fuse which exploded into a fury of violence. For the first time the camp actually experienced mob violence. This outbreak are started by the searching of each unit by armed men of all personal belongings with utter disrespect for individual involved. Uncouth treatment of individuals plus theft by those making the investigation created a frenzy in camp. Huge mob of infuriated people gathered to ask for the reason of such doings. Frightened by the large crowd and excited by pointed questions directed to him, the investigator drew his gun and threatened to shoot anyone who might molest him. This threat lit the fuse which angered the crowd to the extent that flying fists were not in the least uncommon. The investigator was not hurt physically however I do believe that there was some change of attitude of this gentleman. Another man was hurt from this outbreak. There has been a drastic shack-up in the administration. / I hope you will not enter this letter into any round-robin letter. I should like this letter be written to your personally. This letter is extremely long + boring. I hope you will say hello to your precious sister. Until we may meet I remain / Very truly yours. / Yukio Tsumagari
My present address is: Mr. Yukio Tsumagari
Dist. 5, Ave F, Bar. 27, Unit 5
Santa Anita Assembly Center
Arcadia, California

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