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[Letter to Helen McNary from Louise Ogawa, Poston, Arizona, January 27, 1943]

Ogawa, Louise [ bio ]

[Letter to Helen McNary from Louise Ogawa, Poston, Arizona, January 27, 1943]
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Poston, Ariz., January 27, 1943


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


1 letter and envelope from Louise Ogawa to Helen McNary.

January 27, 1943/Dear Miss McNary,/Instead of going to school today I am sitting at home writing letters. Now Miss McNary, please don't come to an conclusion until you hear my explanation. Since Saturday Poston has been having a rainy weather. Today it is raining and raining. Because of the ground we are not able to go to school./The soil of Poston is very peculiar. When it rains, about an inch of the soil dampens. When you walk on it, the inch of mud clings to your shoe. As you lift your foot, you can see the dry soil underneath. Because the ground does not absorb the water we have a lake surrounding us--all the water is flowing on top of the mud. This may sound strange but it is a fact./On days like this I catch up on my or mending. Often I sit listening to the rain as it hits against the roof. As I sit listening to the rain, everything of the past comes before my eyes like a movie. Then I sigh and go about my work./Miss McNary, you don't know how much I enjoyed your letter. I was so interested in hearing about San Diego that I did not even hear the dinner bell ringing. I was the last one to enter the mess hall. Thank you for writing such a clear, interesting description of the new San Diego. Yes, San Diego certainly has changed./I have hear that there was a fire at the Buddhist Temple. Was it a very large fire? Do you know how badly is was burned? We have been quite worried because all our belongings we left behind were stored at the Buddhist Temple. I certainly hope the damage wasn't too great./I would like to thank you for the cute spoon doll. Did you make it? It certainly is a clever idea and so cute./January 19th I attended the memorable "ground breaking" ceremony. At this time, Mr. Head, project director of Poston; Mr. Burge, director of Camp III; Dr. Carey, superintendent of schools in Poston; Mr. Potts, principal of Poston III High School drove a steak into the ground where the new school is going to be built. The first school flag was raised by the Senior class president, Lots Ishida. The school is going to be built out of adobe brick. These adobe bricks are going to be made right here in Poston./ One disappointing thing which happened here is the building of the fence. I think this tends to weaken the morale of the people./A "tofu" factory has finally been established. Tofu is loved by all our parents. It is made from soya beans./The food shortage and rationing has affected us too. Egg and butter have disappeared from the tables. Once in a great while do we see a little cube of butter. Sugar is limited to 1 teaspoon for breakfast. We have plenty of vegetables because every block grows vegetables which is given to the mess hall./I have heard we will be eating horse meat here soon. Are the on the market outside? It is said to be very tender./I just returned from lunch. I practically wadded and entered the mess hall. When I entered, my eyes nearly popped out. It looked as if/the floor was removed and the tables were set right on top of the mud. I certainly feel sorry for the janitor who'll have to clean the mess!/I always talk on and on about myself and never stop to ask about you. Please write during your leisure hours and elaborate, as my teacher says, about yourself./Hoping to hear you are in the finest of health!/Most sincerely,/Louise Ogawa

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