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[Letter to Clara Breed from Fusa Tsumagari, Arcadia, California, August 3, 1942]

Tsumagari, Fusa [ bio ]

[Letter to Clara Breed from Fusa Tsumagari, Arcadia, California, August 3, 1942]
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H: 8 in, W: 9.75 in (sheet, open) H: 8 in, W: 4.875 in (sheet, folded) H: 4.25 in, W: 5,125 in (envelope)

Arcadia, Calif., August 3, 1942


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


1 letter (4 p. : 1 sheet) and envelope from Fusa Tsumagari to Clara Breed.

S.A.A.C./Dist 5 F-27-5/Arcadia, Calif./August 3, 1942/Dear Miss Breed,/On Friday morning I certainly received a surprise package! It was more of a surprise because no letter came until Saturday. Really, you should not have gone to all that trouble. It was very nice of you to get two such lovely dresses plus a nice picture and powder puffs. It was also very thoughtful of Miss McNary to send me the candy. You shouldn't go to all that trouble and expense for me. Thank you very much./As I have told you before, rumors fly thick and fast. Most of us are expecting to be relocated soon. We've heard that we will be moved to Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, and Arkansas. I think we will move to either Wyoming or Arkansas. I guess we'll have to wait and see how far from right I am. Gee, wherever we go, we all realize that it will be "rough going" because other people have refused to live there before us. We also know that the weather will be nothing like the beautiful California weather. It will probably be very hot or extremely cold. According to rumors the San Diego people will be among the first to be re-evacuated. Officials will not confirm anything because they do not know anything so the obvious result is rumors. Rumors lead to panic--which is really a shame./You know, I've often wondered what some of the other people write to you. Do they write as corny letters as I? Gee, I hope not!/Yesterday we had an airplane show. I helped as one of the recorders again. It was fun, but terribly hot out there. The winners of the last meet really had terrible luck. They won some prizes, but not many. This time the prizes were more evenly divided./One unfortunate incident occurred. The father of one of the contestants fainted from heat exhaustion and also heart failure. He died a few minutes later. None of us knew about it till the meet was over. It was too bad that such a thing had to happen./I'm sorry that I didn't send Eleanor Tasaki's bubble set to her sooner. I kept forgetting and must have had it almost a month before I sent it./Do you know on August 8 it will be exactly four months since we came here. The days certainly fly fast, but the months just crawl by! I hope this war will be over before long./Once again thank you very much for sending me the lovely dresses. Sincerely,/

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