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[Letter to Clara Breed from Hisako Watanabe, Poston, Arizona, December 22, 1943]

Watanabe, Hisako [ bio ]

[Letter to Clara Breed from Hisako Watanabe, Poston, Arizona, December 22, 1943]
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Poston, Ariz., December 22, 1943


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


1 letter and envelope from Hisako Watanabe to Clara Breed.

December 22, 1943/Dear Miss Breed,/We received your packages today and we were all very glad to receive them./I can not tell you how much we appreciate all you have done to make our life here pleasant. I wish we could send you something worthwhile but it is very hard to get anything./My parents seemed even more over-joyed than we were to see all the gifts you had sent us. In times like this, it really makes one feel good to know he has a friend./Jack was very happy when he saw the book and he has started reading it already. My other brothers and I were also speechless upon seeing the presents. /Candy is another thing which is hard to get. We all appreciated the candy, gum, and books and wish we could do something to make your Christmas just as pleasant as you have made ours./As you have probably heard many people are leaving camp to go to work or school. I have been wanting to relocate also and I have hopes of going out maybe by the first of the year. At any rate, I will continue to correspond with you./My, how thoughtless of me. I have been talking about myself and I haven't even asked you anything about yourself. How are you and how is your work coming along? I believe you are get quite busy./By the way, how is the little city of San Diego? I suppose there are a lot of people and housing conditions are probably very bad./Do you know just about how much it would cost to buy a nice box coat (beige)? Also the price of a two-piece suit? You see, the reason I am inquiring is because I want to get a coat and suit depending upon the price. If it costs too much I will have to save a little more money./How is the weather there? Here in Poston it is very cold in the mornings and nights and warm in the afternoons. We had a little rain about two days ago./Our school this year is very nice. The adobe rooms are warm in winter and cool in the summer. The children enjoy school more and they are really interested. My brother really studies hard this year. /Do you have a discarded dictionary that you might be able to send me. I would like to have one and thought maybe you might have an old discarded one that I could use./Since it is getting quite late, I will close but before closing please let me thank you again for all the nice presents. We all appreciate it very much./Yours sincerely,/Hisako Watanabe/P.S. Please write real soon. I always enjoy hearing from you.

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