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[Martial arts demonstration at Koyasan Buddhist Temple, Los Angeles, California, September 14, 1969]

Rafu Shimpo [ bio ]
Toyo Miyatake Studio [ bio ]

[Martial arts demonstration at Koyasan Buddhist Temple, Los Angeles, California, September 14, 1969]
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Los Angeles, Calif., September 14, 1969


Photograph by Toyo Miyatake Studio, Gift of the Alan Miyatake Family


4 negatives : b&w; ; 120 mm.

Published in Rafu Shimpo, September 15, 1969, Japanese section.

Top instructors of Martial arts schools in Japan stopped in Los Angeles on tour to hold a martial arts demonstration at Koyasan Buddhist Temple in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, California, September 14, 1969.
1N: Large group of men in hakama, kimono and karate gi sitting on stage with weapons as man speaks at microphone in front of Japanese flag. Audience in foreground.
2N: Masayoshi Nakajima demonstrates the Takenouchi-Hangan-Ryu style Iaido. Japanese man in black kimono and hakama, raises a sword above his head as he kneels in front of a rolled bale of straw on a white box on stage.
3N: Japanese man in white court kimono and black hat kneels in front of a low wooden table wielding a short weapon in two hands. Chrysanthemum rests on table. Another man sits in same garb with fan tucked in obi watching at right.
4N: Tetsumi Furukawa, left, demonstrates the Shibukawa style Bojitsu with Masayoshi Nakajima, right. Japanese man in white karate gi fights with two small sickles called kama against Nakajima, dressed in black who attacks with a wooden staff. Two men in gi kneel at side of stage. Other men watch behind them.

Typed on original negative envelope: Kendo, Sword, Etc. -- at Koyasan.

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