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A puddle

Hibi, Hisako [ bio ]

A puddle
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H: 16 in, W: 20 in

Topaz, Utah, April 1944


Gift of Ibuki Hibi Lee


Unframed stretched canvas. Image of four children playing near a puddle. The puddle is in between barracks. There are snow covered mountains in the background.

Signed, LR: Hisako Hibi / April 1944 ; BACK: 'A Puddle'

In this work Hisako Hibi uses a large puddle of water in order to experiment with perspective and reflection. The barracks depicted appear identical against the backdrop of the snow-covered mountain range. Three children stand at the far left on the edge of the pool of water. Another child at the right waves at them as he walks in their direction. Hibi seems to be concerned with how to depict the reflection of the barrack in the puddle. It is slightly odd that this puddle would exist while the rest of the area appears to be dry. Clearly it is a winter scene because the children are all in coats, hats and boots. The puddle itself is also unusual in the sharp and angular delineation of its borders.

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