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[Watanabe Tamasaku, 59 sai]

Hoshida, George [ bio ]

[Watanabe Tamasaku, 59 sai]
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H: 6 in, W: 9.5 in

Lordsburg, N.M., 1942


Gift of June Hoshida Honma, Sandra Hoshida and Carole Hoshida Kanada


2 drawings on paper, lined and laminated : ink ; left image 4 x 3 in., right image 4 x 3 in., on sheet 6 x 9.5 in.

Ink portraits of two men, Tamasaku Watanabe and Sanojo Tanabe, at Lordsburg Justice Department Camps, New Mexico. Both drawings have black line border.
Left portrait of Tamasaku Watanabe, 59 year-old Christian pastor in Ola, Hawaii, originally from Kagoshima, Japan. Watanabe has a small mustache and hair closely cropped on sides. He wears a sweater over a button-down shirt and looks to the right over viewer. Visible from the shoulders up.
Right portrait of Sanojo Tanabe, 60 year-old teacher in Honolulu, Hawaii, originally from Hiroshima, Japan. Dressed in a dark button-down shirt, Tanabe is turned three-quarters view, looking left. He has a small mustache and is balding.

Hoshida was one of the seven to nine hundred Japanese Americans in Hawaii who were incarcerated in Justice Department internment camps. He was acutely aware of the importance of recording his experiences through the pen and ink drawings and watercolors he made during his incarceration in five different locations. While Hoshida did not attempt to make any overt commentary on the interment, his drawings and sketches provide a continuous and detailed account of daily activities and his long journey from Hilo, Hawaii, to the desert of Arizona.

Written in black ink to left of left image (In Japanese): Hiroshimaken Fukayasugan oaza Shimotakeda / Hawai to Ola Yukan 26 / Kirisutokyo bokushi Watanabe Tamasaku 59 sai. Written in black ink on right image: 10-8-42. Written in black ink to left of right image (In Japanese): Hiroshimaken Kamiishigun Akimura oaza Kusaki / Hawai Honorurushi Binguhamgai 1920 / Kyoshi Tanabe Sanojo 60. Written in pencil, top left corner: 153.

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