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Jido buyo "Nanatsu no ko"

Hoshida, George [ bio ]

Jido buyo "Nanatsu no ko"
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H: 9.5 in, W: 6 in

Denson, Ark., 1943-1944


Gift of June Hoshida Honma, Sandra Hoshida and Carole Hoshida Kanada


3 drawings on paper (1 sheet) : ink ; top image 5.75 x 6 in., bottom left image 4.75 x 3.75 in., bottom right image 4.875 x 2.25 in., on sheet 9.5 x 6 in.

Ink sketches of a performance of a famous Japanese children's song, "Nanatsu no ko" by three girls, a performance of a pop song, "Boku wa shonenhei," by a man, Akira Okamura, and a portrait of a man at a talent show. Sketches divided by blue line borders.
Top sketch depicting three girls, Sayoko Nakano, Mistuko Hoshida and [?] Kano, singing "Nanatsu no ko." The girls stand on stage facing the viewer with arms raised in front of them, palms inward with fingertips touching. They are dressed in short skirts and bows in their hair. A little girl sits next to the stage on the right.
Bottom left sketch of a man, Akira Okamura, standing in profile facing right singing a ryokoka, or Japanese pop song, "Boku wa shonenhei" about being a freshman soldier. Okamura holds his hands out in front of him toward the microphone at right.
Bottom right portrait sketch of a man from shoulders up. His head is inclined tot he proper left.
Drawing 97.106.2EG on recto of same sheet.

Hoshida was one of the seven to nine hundred Japanese Americans in Hawaii who were incarcerated in Justice Department internment camps. He was acutely aware of the importance of recording his experiences through the pen and ink drawings and watercolors he made during his incarceration in five different locations. While Hoshida did not attempt to make any overt commentary on the interment, his drawings and sketches provide a continuous and detailed account of daily activities and his long journey from Hilo, Hawaii, to the desert of Arizona.

Written in blue ink on top image, left (In Japanese): Jido buyo "Nanatsu no ko" / Nakano Sayoko, Hoshida Mitsuko, Kano [unreadable]ko [Translated: Child's dance, "Nanatsu no ko" / Nakano Sayoko, Hoshida Mitsuko, Kano [unreadable]ko. Written in blue ink on bottom left image, left (In Japanese): Ryukkoka "Boku wa shonenhei" Okamura Akira [Translated: Pop song "I'm a freshman soldier" Okamura Akira].

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