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[Xth. anniversary N.A. Federation of Y.W.B.A. Leagues' conference, Los Angeles, California, July 21st-26th 1936]

Miyatake, Toyo

[Xth. anniversary N.A. Federation of Y.W.B.A. Leagues' conference, Los Angeles, California, July 21st-26th 1936]
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panoramic photograph
H: 8 in, W: 32 in

Los Angeles, Calif., July 1936


Buddhist Churches of America Archives


1 photographic print : b&w;

Panoramic group portrait of the 10th anniversary of the North American Federation of Young Women's Buddhist Association (YWBA) Leagues' conference participants in front of Buddhist church, Los Angeles, California, July 21-26, 1936. Four rows of women, men and children pose in street in front of brick building with tori-style entrance. First row is composed of men in suits seated on chairs in center with Buddhist clergy in center and young men crouching at ends; one man holds a little girl in his lap; they are identified (L to R): Masuyama Eizo (1st), Rev. S. Todoroki (6th), Rev. Fusetsu Matsumoto (7th), Rev. M. Washioka (10th), Rev. K. Fujinaga (11th), Rev. Enryo Unno (12th), Rev. K. Saiki in dark glasses (14th), Rev. M. Okita (16th), Rev. C. (?) Terakawa ( 17th), Rev. Y. Iwanaga (18th), Rev. I Yonemura with child on lap (19th), Rev. H. Shimizu (20th), Rev. Enryo Shigefuji (21st), Rev. Tansai Terakawa (22nd), Rinban J. Yukawa (23rd), Rev. G. Hinami (24th), Rev. Hojun Sugimoto (28th), Rev. Ejitsu Hojo (29th), Rev. T. Kashima (32nd), Rev. B. Fujimura (33rd), Rev. K. Ikeda (34th), Rev. H. Fujikado (35th), Y. Shinohara (38th), Y. "Jiggie" Kaku (39th), Jack Iwata (40th), Eizo Masuyama (41st). Eizo Masuyama appears twice in the first row as the first and last person; he ran behind the camera from one side to the other. Young women in white dresses stand in the remaining rows with the exception of one man standing in background center, and in the second row, one man standing behind a blurred banner on left end and two men standing near banner with manji design within dharma wheel, "Southern California ... " on right end. People identified (L to R): second row, Fusako Matsui of San Diego (behind 4th minister), Azeka (between Rev. Hinami and Minister 25), Tatsuye Fujita Miyata, Akemi Kodama Iwamoto; third row, Mrs. Murakami (center, in front of man), Toshiye Nagata (between Rev. Fujimura and Rev. Ikeda); fourth row, Lily Inouye Aratani (4th); top row Tamae Hasegawa, Masaye Shiemura. Two striped flags fly in background in front of entrance, which has a "welcome" sign above and is flanked by two manicured trees. Old fashioned traffic light in background, left. Automobiles parked in background, right. Same image as 99.201.33.

Printed in white on image, B: Xth. Anniversary N.A. Federation of Y.W.B.A. Leagues' Conference / Los Angeles, California July 21st -- 26th. 1936. Printed in whiteo on image, BR: Photo by Toyo Miyatake / Los Angeles --. Written in pencil on back, TLC: BCA.

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