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[Buddhist Churches of America ministers and lay representatives meeting, February 19-21, 1941]

Utsumi Photo

[Buddhist Churches of America ministers and lay representatives meeting, February 19-21, 1941]
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panoramic photograph
H: 12 in, W: 20 in

San Francisco, Calif., February 1941


Buddhist Churches of America Archives


1 photographic print : b&w;

Panoramic group portrait of the Buddhist Churches of America ministers and lay representatives gathered for a meeting, probably at San Francisco, California, February 19-21, 1941. Five rows of men in dark suits pose in front of elaborate painted screens and metalwork. Men in front row are seated cross-legged on floor. Second row is seated with one man in center wearing necktie, kimono and buddhist vestments. Remaining rows stand. The clergy are identified (L to R):
row one, Rev. Giko Yamamoto (196)(5th), Rev. Rijun Katsueda (170)(6th), Rev. Chikara Aso (178)(7th), Rev. Koro Maehara (211)(8th), Rev. Shingetsu Akahoshi (147)(9th), Rev. Daisho Tana (118)(10th), Rev. Kakumin Fujinaga (184)(11th), Rev. Tatsuya Tsuruyama (187)(12th), Rev. Bunpo Kuwatsuki (193)(13th), Rev. Hozen Seki (143)(15th);

row two, Rev. Koyo Tamanaha (194)(1st), Rev. Hideo Shimakawa (105)(2nd), Rev. Enryo Unno (169)(3rd), Rev. Koshun Sasaki (4th), Rev. Chonen Terakawa (154)(5th), Rev. Tokujo Tsumura (98)(6th), Rev. Taiken Masunaga (133)(7th), Rev. Shinjo Nagatani (171)(8th), Ichikura Kondo (Salinas)(9th), Rev. Tansai Terakawa (77)(10th), Rev. Ryotai Matsukage (201)(11th), Rev. Shozen Naito (138)(12th), Rev. Enryo Shigefuji (167)(13th), Rev. Joshin Motoyoshi (157)(14th), Rev. Sensho Sasaki (106)(15th), Rev. Masachika Yonemura (127)(16th), Rev. Seikaku Mizutani (51)(17th), Rev. Zenkai Okayama (190)(18th), Rev. Shisei Todoroki (177)(19th), Rev. Shashew Sakow (168)(20th);

row three, Rev. Jitsujo Okabe (5th), Rev. Jotetsu Ono (205)(8th), Rev. Reichi Mori (198)(10th), Rev. Gyoyu Hirabayashi (206)(12th), Manki Abe (Salinas)(14th), Rev. Yoshio Iwanaga (189)(16th), Rev. Hojun Sugimoto (170)(17th), Rev. Eijitsu Hojo 188)(18th), Rev. Seijo Onoyama (166)(19th), Rev. Hoshin Fujikado (181)(20th), Rev. Zesei Kawasaki (165)(22nd);

row four, Ukitaro Aratani (Los Angeles)(3rd), Soichi Nakatani (Sacramento), Rev. Gyodo Kono (195)(12th), Rev. Bunyu Fujimura (180)(13th), Rev. Miyoshi Okita (172)(14th), Mr. Kosakura (16th);

row five, Rev. Issei Matsuura (44)(6th), Rev. Shintatsu Sanada (7th).

Stamped in black ink on image: Proof / Wakasa Studio / 1827 Leary St. 3 F / San Francisco, Calif. Stamped in blue on back, sideways, TR edge: Y. Numanami, / 1881 Pine St. / San Francisco, Cal.

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