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Current Exhibitions

Current Exhibitions

By Jamie Noguchi.

New Frontiers: The Many Worlds of George Takei
March 12 - August 20, 2017

New Frontiers: The Many Worlds of George Takei explores the life and career of pioneering actor, activist, and social media icon George Takei. By examining Takei’s diverse experiences and achievements, this entertaining and interactive exhibition creates a portrait of a unique individual while offering an innovative means of engaging with the social history of America.

Photo by Jack Iwata, ca. 1942-1945. Gift of Jack and Peggy Iwata.

Instructions to All Persons: Reflections on Executive Order 9066
February 18 - August 13, 2017

On February 19, 1942, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, which paved the way for the forced removal and incarceration of 120,000 Japanese Americans from the West Coast following Japan’s bombing of Pearl Harbor. To commemorate the 75th anniversary of this historic miscarriage of justice, the Japanese American National Museum presents Instructions to All Persons: Reflections on Executive Order 9066, an educational and interactive exhibition designed to engage visitors in critical discussions of the Japanese American World War II experience and its continuing relevance today.

Sadako’s Crane


Born in Hiroshima, Japan, Sadako Sasaki was two years old when the atomic bomb was dropped on the city. When she was twelve, she contracted leukemia and was hospitalized. One of her roommates at the hospital told her about the Japanese belief that anyone who folds one thousand cranes would be granted a wish, so Sadako began folding cranes with the hope of recovering from her disease. Sadly, although she folded 1,300 cranes, she died on October 25, 1955.

Common Ground: The Heart of Community

Incorporating hundreds of objects, documents, and photographs collected by the Japanese American National Museum, this exhibition chronicles 130 years of Japanese American history, beginning with the early days of the Issei pioneers through the World War II incarceration to the present.


Traveling Exhibitions

Tattoo by Horikiku. Photo by Kip Fulbeck.

ON THE ROAD at Canterbury Museum, New Zealand: Perseverance: Japanese Tattoo Tradition in a Modern World
May 20 - August 13, 2017


Canterbury Museum
Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND

Perseverance: Japanese Tattoo Tradition in a Modern World is a groundbreaking photographic exhibition that explores the master craftsmanship of traditional Japanese tattoos and their enduring influence on modern tattoo practices.



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