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Past Exhibitions

America's Concentration Camps: Remembering the Japanese American Experience

November 11, 1994 - October 15, 1995

America’s Concentration Camps depicts an episode in American history that too few know or understand: the mass incarceration of loyal Americans without charge or trial solely on the basis of race. During World War II more than 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry—2/3 of whom were American citizens—were incarcerated in hastily built camps in America's deserts and wastelands. A broad outline to this experience, this exhibit tells a story of injustice and sorrow, perseverance and courage. It tells the story through words, photographs, home movies, artwork and artifacts of those who lived it. Silent and silenced for decades, they share their memories in hopes that the more we learn about what happened over fifty years ago, the less likely such an injustice will happen again to any other people. Also featured is the award-winning video production, titled, Something Strong Within.

Past Events

Saturday, November 21, 1998
1:00 PM—3:00 PM

Wartime Incarceration and the Life Course of Nisei Families

Ellis Island Immigration Museum

Noted sociologist Dr. Setsuko Matsunaga Nishi will discuss her study on the long-term social and psychological effects of wartime incarceration on Japanese Americans.

Funded by The Nathan Cummings Foundation.

Saturday, October 17, 1998
1:00 PM—3:00 PM

Bravery in Battle: The Nisei GI

Ellis Island Immigration Museum

Japanese American men who served in the 100th Battalion/442nd Regimental Combat Team in the European Theater and the Military Intelligence Service in the Pacific will share their experiences. Confirmed speaker is Kaz Yamaguchi, with others to be determined.

Funded by The Nathan Cummings Foundation.



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