Shigemi Uyeda, Reflections on the Oil Ditch, c. 1925, gelatin silver print. Collection of the Uyeda family.


Guide by Cell

Enhance your experience of Making Waves: Japanese American Photography, 1920–1940 with the FREE audio cell phone tour (no cost except your cell phone minutes). Hang up and call back as often as you’d like before, during, and after your visit to hear from exhibition curator Dennis Reed. The Making Waves audio tour is accessible by phone from February 28 – June 26, 2016.

It’s easy to use:

  1. Dial 213.455.2924.
  2. Follow the prompts.
  3. Look for the cell phone logo on labels in the exhibition or use the prompt numbers below.
  4. Enter the prompt number followed by the # sign to access information.

Prompt 200: Introduction

Prompt 201: Taizo Kato—Untitled (Woman with Fan)

Prompt 202: Akira Furukawa—Ventilators

Prompt 203: Kaye Shimojima

Prompt 204: Kentaro Nakamura—Evening Wave

Prompt 205: Asahachi Kono—Untitled (Tree and Hills)

Prompt 206: Shigemi Uyeda—Reflections on the Oil Ditch

Prompt 207: Hiromu Kira—The Thinker

Prompt 208: Ichiro Itani—The Curve

Prompt 209: Toyo Miyatake—Untitled (Tombstone Abstraction)

Prompt 210: J.T. Sata—Untitled (Artichoke Halved)

Prompt 211: Toyo Miyatake—Untitled (Light Study #2)

Prompt 212: Shigemi Izuo—Study in Land and Light

Prompt 213: H.K. Shigeta

Prompt 214: F.Y. Sato—Shadow from Garden

Prompt 215: Frank Kunishige

Prompt 216: Yukio Morinaga—Magellens of Today

Prompt 217: Soichi Sunami

Prompt 218: Hideo Onishi

Prompt 219: Photography during incarceration

Prompt 220: Dr. Kyo Koike

Prompt 221: Hisao Kimura—Morning Light

Prompt 222: Harry Hayashida—Streamline


Exhibition Videos

Watch videos about photographers Toyo Miyatake and J.T. Sata produced by JANM’s Watase Media Arts Center for the exhibition.



Shigemi Uyeda, Reflections on the Oil Ditch, c. 1925, gelatin silver print. Collection of the Uyeda family.


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Top: Harry Hayashida, Streamline, c. 1935, gelatin silver print. Collection of the Japanese American National Museum.