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Guide by Cell

Enhance your experience of Portraiture Now with the FREE audio cell phone tour (no cost except your cell phone minutes). Hear commentary from the artists and personal statements from some of the participants in CYJO’s KYOPO Project. Hang up and call back as often as you’d like before, during, and after your visit. The Cell Phone Audio Tour Guide will be accessible from May 11 – September 22, 2013.

It’s easy to use:

  1. Dial 213.455.2924
  2. Follow the prompts
  3. Look for the cell phone logo on labels in the exhibition or use the prompt numbers below
  4. Enter the prompt number followed by the # sign to access information

Artist Commentary:
*Excerpts taken from artist interviews conducted at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery by Jasmine Fernandez, an intern with the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center. Full interviews can be heard at www.npg.si.edu/exhibit/encounter.

Prompt 103: Zhang Chun Hong on Asian American identity*

Prompt 104: Zhang Chun Hong on her art making process*

Prompt 105: Hye Yeon Nam on Asian American identity

Prompt 106: Hye Yeon Nam on her self-portrait project

Prompt 107: Roger Shimomura on Asian American identity*

Prompt 108: Roger Shimomura on his series of work*

Prompt 109: Shizu Saldamando on Asian American identity*

Prompt 110: Shizu Saldamando on portraiture*

Prompt 113: Tam Tran on Asian American identity*

Prompt 114: Tam Tran on her series of self-portraits*

Prompt 115: Satomi Shirai on Asian American identity (recorded in Japanese)

Prompt 116: Satomi Shirai on the role of her art to the viewer (recorded in Japanese)

Prompt 101: CYJO on Asian American identity

Prompt 102: CYJO on KYOPO Project

Prompt 117: CYJO on classification in her KYOPO Project

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KYOPO Project statements:
Personal statements of participants in CYJO’s KYOPO Project spoken in their own voices.

Prompt 118:
Samuel Jamier
Saehee Hwang
Yoon Bok Song
Min Jung Kim
Hyun Park
Suk Park

Prompt 119:
Daniel Dae Hyun Kim
Jussara Lee
Linda Choe Vestergaard
Maggie Kim
Esther Paik Goodhart
Corey Dongmin Lee

Prompt 120:
Joon I. Kim
Maria Ahn
Joy Yi Boatwright
Patricia Han
Eurhan Vivian Lee
Dai Sil Kim-Gibson

Prompt 121:
Aiyoung Choi
Ben (Dong Sub) Kim
Angella Ahn
Catherina Park
Daniel Juhn
Diana Son

Prompt 122:
Donnie Kwak
Dredge Byung’Chu Kang
Ed Bok Lee
Grace Ann Lee
Jeannie Park
Jinny J. Kim

Prompt 123:
Joanne Rha
Jung Lee Sanders
Komelia (Hongja) Okim
Sunwoo Hwang
Tonia Aie-Na Kim
Cera Kyuwoon Chun-Choi

Prompt 124:
PJ (Jin) Kim
Benjamin Korea Lee
Bomsinae Kim
Bora Yoon
Dana Tai Soon Burgess
David Yum

Prompt 125:
Deborah Hope Johnson
Elaine Kim
Esther Kyung-Ju Chae
Florence Yoo
Frances Park

Prompt 126:
Ginger Park
John (Yong Woo) Kim
Joseph Chong
Jules Gim
Kyung Hwa Lee

Prompt 127:
Linda Kang Chong
Marie Myung-Ok Lee
Sung Chul Whang
Victoria Kerry Namkung
Youri Cho

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