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In this series of short videos, artists featured in the exhibition discuss their work, their backgrounds, and their identities as Nikkei in Latin America and Southern California. View the videos online on Discover Nikkei. Click on the links below to view the videos with translated transcripts for each profile.

English | Español | 日本語 | Português

A new artist profile will be added every week, so check back for more videos!

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JANM’s DiscoverNikkei.org website is a treasure trove of materials and resources on Nikkei (Japanese emigrants and their descendants) life, history, culture, and community around the world. It is a community-based project that partners with organizations and individuals throughout the Americas to share Nikkei-related community and personal stories, events, and more in four languages—English, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese.


Learn more about the Nikkei diaspora:

    Brief Historical Overview of Japanese Emigration, 1868–1998
    By Eiichiro Azuma (1999)
    [EN] [ES] [JA] [PT]
    In Brazil. 109 years.
    By Célia Sakurai (2017)
    [ES] [EN] [JA] [PT]
    Japoneses la comunidad en busca de un nuevo sol naciente—Parte 1–10
    By Sergio Hernández Galindo (2010–2011)
  • PERU
    Transformation of the Nikkei Community in Peru—Part 1–2
    By Luis Hirata Mishima (2009)
    [ES] [EN]

Additional related stories:

    Sandra Nakamura: Her Space, Her Language
    By Javier García Wong-Kit (2017)
    [ES] [EN] [JA] [PT]
    Eduardo Tokeshi: A Portrait of Curiosity
    By Javier García Wong-Kit (2016)
    [ES] [EN]
    Living in a Space in Between
    By Michiko Okano (2009)
    [PT] [EN]

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