Hapa Japan Database Project

The Hapa Japan Database Project is a forum for connecting mixed-race and mixed-roots Japanese people. The Project sponsors a website with social networking, genealogical, and educational features. They also host a Festival every other year that celebrates this community through concerts, exhibits, comedy nights, film screenings, and academic conferences. Hapa Japan I took place in April 2011 in the San Francisco Bay Area and Hapa Japan 2013 runs from April 2-6, 2013 in Los Angeles.

Visit hapajapan.com >>

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Related Resources on Discover Nikkei

Discover Nikkei is a community-based project of the Japanese American National Museum that explores Nikkei identity and community stories. The website provides an inviting space for a global community to share, explore, and connect with each other through diverse Nikkei experiences, culture, and history.

Explore a range of community stories and perspectives through daily Journal articles, first-person interviews, Nikkei Albums, events, and more.

Video Interviews

View clips from video interviews from JANM’s archives.

Jero (Jerome Charles White Jr.)
2010 interview about cultural identity and becoming an enka singer in Japan.

Virgil Westdale
2013 interview with the early Hapa Nisei about discrimination in the Army Air Corps, and serving in the 442nd R.C.T. and 522nd Field Artillery Battalion during World War II.

Terry Janzen
2012 interview about growing in Japan, memories of Poston, and post-war life.

Mike Shinoda
2006 interview with the Linkin Park musician about identity, connection to Japan, and role as an artist and musician.

Johnnie Morton
2000 interview with the former NFL football player about his multiracial identity, attending Japanese school, and family.

Kip Fulbeck
2006 interview about Hapa identity with the artist and curator.


Read articles exploring Hapa Japanese American identity and culture.

On Being Japanese American
By Curtiss Takada Rooks

When There Was No “Hapa”
By Paul Yamada

Part Asian, Not Hapa
By Mia Nakaji Monnier

My Transnational, Hapa Identity in Question
By Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu

Analyze My Face: Hapas, exoticism and the entertainment industry
By Leah Nanako Winkler

Japanese-Jew Doesn’t “Oy Veh” So Much Since Obama
By Francesca Yukari Biller

Nikkei Albums:

The Hapa Collection
Responses to the question “What are you?” posed to visitors to the kip fulbeck: part asian / 100% hapa at the Japanese American National Museum (June 8 – October 29, 2006).

Revelations & Resilience: Exploring the Realities of Hapa-ness
Video from the “Revelations & Resilience: Exploring the Realities of Hapa-ness” program presented by Discover Nikkei on April 12, 2008 moderated by Dr. Curtiss Takada Rooks with Dr. Tracy Sayuki Tiemeier (personal & professional identity), Dr. Rika Houston (ethnic community participation), and Dr. Teresa Williams-Leon (family & parenting).

We have selected some additional stories from Discover Nikkei to highlight for the Visible & Invisible exhibition.
Click here for additional story links >>

We will also be adding more related articles throughout the run of the exhibition!

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Nikkei+ ~ Stories of Mixed Language, Traditions, Generations & Race ~

Discover Nikkei has launched a special writing project to collect and share stories that explore how Nikkei around the world perceive and experience being multiracial, multinational, multilingual, and multigenerational.

Submissions are being accepted from April 1 through September 30, 2013 at 6pm (PST).

Share your own stories! Visit 5dn.org/nikkei-plus for more information and submission guidelines.

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Other Online Resources

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