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Xploration Lab

March 12 - June 12, 2011

Part-classroom, part-exhibition prototype; participate and experiment with hands-on activities designed to engage audiences of all ages about the World War II Japanese American experience.

Major funding for Xploration Lab provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services with additional support provided by The James Irvine Foundation.

Photos by Richard Murakami

Past Events

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Exhibition Closing

events/XLAB-logo-100px.jpg Xploration Lab closes.
Saturday, March 12, 2011
11:00 AM—4:00 PM

Target Free Family Saturday: Construction Zone

events/Target_05__75__PMS186_1.JPG FREE ALL DAY!

Enjoy a day of fun for the whole family. This month’s theme is building and architecture.

Generously sponsored by Target, these special Saturdays are filled with fun activities giving families unique ways to learn, play, and grow together.

  • Create a map collage of your neighborhood

  • Construct a wacky building out of a variety of materials. The crazier the better!

  • Ruthie’s Origami Corner: Make and decorate an origami skyscraper!

    11 AM - Doors open

    11 AM – 5 PM – Participate, learn and have fun in our newest exhibition Xploration Lab. Be sure to check out the new kids corner!

    11 AM – 4 PM – Little Tokyo Model Building workshop with Place It!

    12:30 PM – 30-minute tour of our Historic Building, the former home of the Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple (15 max)

    1 – 2 PM – Interactive workshop with Place It (first come, first serve, limit 25 students)

    1 - 4 PM - Kidding Around the Kitchen will help you construct and build your own homemade trail mix.

    2 PM – An Intergenerational Book Reading: Making Home from War and My Dog Teny

    3 - 4 PM – Interactive workshop with Place It! (first come, first serve, limit 25students)

    3PM -An Intergenerational Memoir Arts Workshop

    4 PM - Doors close

    Place It!
    PLACE IT! is a design-based urban planning initiative developed by urban planner James Rojas that uses model-building workshops and on-site interactive models to help engage the public in the planning and design process. Participants are able to translate conceptual planning ideas into physical forms, and learn about the value of planning and design in shaping how we live.

    For more information about Place It, visit:

    Kidding Around The Kitchen
    Kidding Around the Kitchen (KATK) brings a “hands on” cooking experience and lesson to the classroom in which the kids actively participate in the preparation of recipes. The result of their cutting, measuring cooking and then eating their creations is more than simply a lesson in health. They get to see, touch, smell and taste the fruits, vegetables, nuts, cheeses, eggs, meats and other ingredients that they may never have previously see in their raw form. The classes reinforce math, science, reading and vocabulary all within a one hour lesson. Measuring cups and spoons help with fractions. Multiplication and division are used when recipes are reduced or increased. Solids become liquids, bread rises, pancakes expand, and science is suddenly edible. Pronouncing ingredient names and reading recipes help to enlarge vocabulary. Studying food labels promotes an awareness of natural and "not so natural" ingredients used in everyday items.

    At KATK we recognize that children often drive the eating habits of paring a meal, their choices instinctively move to more natural and less processed ingredients. At home, armed with a cookbook from each session, the kids ask to recreate what they’ve learned in class, (often using the same ingredients that only days before were “yuck!”).

    For more information on Kidding Around the Kitchen visit:

    Making Home from War
    Making Home from War, edited by Brian Komei Dempster is the long-awaited sequel to the award-winning From Our Side of the Fence. Written by 13 Japanese American elders, it is a collection of stories about their exodus from concentration camps into a world that in a few short years had drastically changed.

    My Dog Teny My Dog Teny written by Yoshito Wayne Osaki and illustrated by Felicia Hoshino is a new children’s book based on the true story of a boy and the dog he left behind during evacuation. The story was first published in the anthology, From Our Side of the Fence.

    An Intergenerational Memoir Arts Workshop
    Join editor Brian Komei Dempster of Making Home From War and illustrator Felicia Hoshino of My Dog Teny in a creative collaboration workshop. Bring a friend or family member and a memory that may be in the form of a photo, a letter, an artifact, or short writing reflection. Come create a recollection of life before, during, or after WW II to share with others. No experience necessary. Reservations requested. Suggested material donation: $5 (paid to instructor).

    May 14 Wild Things

    June 11: Take It to the Street

    July 09: Once Upon A Time

    October 08: Up in the Air

    November 12: Planet Power

    December 10: That’s a Wrap

    March 26: Kidding Around the Kitchen Family Cooking Workshop: Spring Rolls into JANM!

    May 28: Kidding Around the Kitchen Family Cooking Workshop: WOK and ROLL Family Cooking Adventure

    13th Annual Summer Festival on the Courtyard!

    Saturday, March 12, 2011

    Exhibition Opens

    Xploration Lab opens.
    Saturday, March 12, 2011
    4:00 PM—5:00 PM

    OMAYUMI: FLAT RED with special guests Lady Noise

    Osaka-based movement artist Omayumi, visual artist Steven M. Irvin and sound artist Alan Nakagawa will collaborate in a multi-media performance titled FLAT RED. What if you could hear everything in the City at once? The artists set a framework based on the senses and improvisation to create a series of "tone poems."

    Their work can be viewed at:



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