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Legacy Society

You are invited to join a very special group of donors.

The Japanese American National Museum Legacy Society honors those persons who have arranged a future gift to the Museum. In doing so, they acknowledge the importance of the Museum in preserving the rich heritage and cultural identity of Japanese Americans.

We invite you to join our Legacy Society by including a deferred gift in your estate plan. In addition to securing the Museum’s future, such a gift could benefit you financially by reducing your income and estate tax and increasing your cash flow.

The gift would also send a message to your loved ones about your values, and it may encourage them to follow your example and do their part in preserving their heritage. That is why many of our donors find a place for the Museum in their estate plan along with the legacies planned for family and friends.

Most importantly, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your gift will enable the Museum to continue telling the story of Japanese Americans and their many contributions long after you are gone.


Ways to Participate

There are many ways to make a deferred gift to the Japanese American National Museum. We will be very happy to work with you and your advisor to determine the one that is just right for you.


Bequests are the most popular type of deferred gift. You can include a gift in your original will or living trust or add one later by an amendment. The gift can be for a specific amount of money, specific piece of property, or a percentage of your estate. A bequest gift is very flexible and allows you to retain control over your assets should you need them during your lifetime.

Beneficiary Designation

You can designate the Museum as a beneficiary of: retirement assets (IRA, 401(k), and 403(b) plans), bank accounts, brokerage accounts, commercial annuities, and life insurance policies. You can leave a portion to the Museum or the entire balance, if you have otherwise provided for heirs. Because of income tax considerations, this is one of the most tax-wise ways you can make a gift.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable trust is another way to make a gift and receive income for life. It is more flexible in nature than a gift annuity and can allow you to meet different personal goals. Your payments can be either fixed or variable in amount.

Retained Life Estate

You transfer ownership of your residence to the Museum but continue to live in it for the remainder of your lifetime. This enables you to make a major gift without a change in lifestyle, simplifies probate for your heirs, and saves taxes now.

Charitable Lead Trust

This trust arrangement allows you to make current gifts to the Musem while passing your assets along to heirs sometime in the future, often with greatly reduced estate and gift taxes. It can also be arranged so that the remaining trust principal returns to you at the end of the trust term.


Member Benefits

We hope that you will become a Legacy Society member and join others who have included a deferred gift to the Japanese American National Museum in their financial and estate plans. Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • An exclusive invitation to the annual Legacy Society event hosted by the Museum’s leadership.
  • Special recognition in the Museum’s publications.
  • An attractive pin and certificate denoting membership.
  • A discount of 20% at the Museum Store on selected merchandise.
  • The joy and satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to preserve the history and culture of Japanese Americans for Future generations.


Contact Us

You may have already qualified for membership in our Legacy Society through one of the gift arrangements described.

Perhaps you have not arranged a future gift, but you would consider doing so.

If you have arranged a future gift, you need not tell us the amount, but we hope you will let us know of your gift intent.

Also, for further information about becoming a member of the Legacy Society, please contact:

    Sandra Chen Lau
    Associate Vice President of Development
    Phone: 213.830.5631
    Fax: 213.625.1770

    Japanese American National Museum
    100 N Central Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90012

We welcome your inquiries, and look forward to assisting you with a future gift through an arrangement that is right for you and to welcoming you as a member of our Legacy Society.

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