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All in the Drum: Building Taiko in America

An informative article about the development of taiko in the United States written by Sojin Kim, curator for the Big Drum exhibition.

Taiko Interview Articles

A series of articles that look at the history, development, and evolution of taiko in the United States. Read articles about TAIKOPROJECT, Kenny Endo, San Jose Taiko, Russel Baba and Jeanne Mercer of Shasta Taiko, and Marco Lienhard of Taikoza.

Discover Nikkei Taiko Database

The Discover Nikkei ( Taiko Database was developed in conjunction with the Big Drum: Taiko in the United States exhibition. The goal of this database is to compile a comprehensive repository of information representing the depth and diversity of contemporary taiko. The database has been designed to enable taiko ensembles to record and continually update their organizational histories and missions in their own words and through their own images. Visitors to the site may search the database by name, date, region, and several other characteristics.

Discover Nikkei Real People Video Interviews

Video clips from life history interviews recorded by the Japanese American National Museum are accessible online through Some of the interviews seen in the Big Drum exhibition are among those being added to the Real People video archive. Check out interviews with Kenny Endo, Seiichi Tanaka, and others.

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Links to some taiko-related web sites. For individual taiko group sites, please visit the Discover Nikkei Taiko Database.