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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions received by Member & Donor Services.


Why should I become a member?
In addition to the exciting benefits of membership at every level, your donation supports the JANM’s mission and is vital to our existence. This revenue funds everything from exhibitions and lectures to children’s programming and international conferences. Your help ensures the preservation of the Japanese American legacy.
Do you have a complete list of membership benefits?
For a complete list of membership benefits, please visit Upon becoming a member, or renewing or upgrading your membership, you will receive a list of benefits for your level and information on how to receive those benefits.
How often may I visit the Museum as a member?
Members receive unlimited free admission to the Museum.
How do I join the Museum?
Joining is easy.
Web site:
Call us: 213.830.5646
Mail/visit: Japanese American National Museum
Membership Department
100 N Central Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012-3901
What is the fastest way to join the Museum and begin receiving benefits?
Joining at the Museum’s admission desk or by calling 213.830.5646 and paying by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express are the fastest ways to join the Museum and begin receiving benefits.
Will my company match my membership gift?
Many companies will match charitable contributions made by employees, giving your contribution a greater impact on the Museum. Check with your company to find out if they will match your membership contribution. If they do, request a Matching Gift Form from your Human Resources or Community Relations Department and mail it to JANM with your payment.
If I join the Museum in person at the Admissions Desk, will I receive free admission that day?
Yes, when you join at the Admissions Desk, you will receive a temporary membership card which entitles you to member benefits including admission to the Museum and a 10% Museum Store discount.
I joined the Museum at the Admissions Desk and received a membership card that day. Why does my membership expire in three months?
When you join or renew at the Admissions Desk you are immediately issued a Temporary Membership Card which is only valid for three months. Your permanent membership card will be mailed to you and will include an expiration date that is valid for one year.
How long does it take to receive a permanent membership card and my membership materials after I send in payment?
We strive to mail out all permanent membership cards within 7–10 business days, but due to high volume, it can sometimes take up to 4 weeks. If you plan to visit the Museum before you have received your cards, stop by the Museum’s Admission Desk and you will be issued a temporary card.
May I bring guests to the Museum for free with my membership?

The number of guests you can bring to the Museum varies by membership level; please see the list below for details. Please note that this is only for regular Museum admission and you are always welcome to purchase admission for your additional guests. Members-only events, exhibition previews and openings, Members Appreciation Days, and member discounts on public programs, events, conferences, and in the Museum Store are only for current JANM members. Membership reciprocity (offered at the Contributing level and above) is only for current JANM members. Most reciprocal museums do not admit JANM member guests for free.

Individual, Senior, Student = 1 adult cardholder*
Family/Dual = 2 adult cardholders* + 3 children**
Contributing = 2 adult cardholders* + 3 children**
Supporting = 2 adult cardholders* + 3 children** + 2 guests
Sustaining, Director’s Circle, President’s Circle, Chairman’s Circle
= 2 adult cardholders* + 3 children** + 4 guests

*members listed on membership card
**under 18 years
I’m a member of the Museum. May I bring a guest to a members-only event?
No, members-only events are a benefit of JANM membership and only open to current members unless otherwise specified on the invitation.
May I loan my membership card to another person?
Membership cards are not transferable. Cards may only be used by the person(s) listed on the card.
Do JANM members receive any special discounts as a member?
All members receive discounts through the Member Discount Program as well as free or reduced price admission to public programs, workshops, and conferences.
What other Museums can I visit with my JANM membership?
JANM members at the Contributing level and above receive free admission and member discounts at over 460 Museums. For a complete list of participating museums please visit
How may I upgrade my membership to a higher level? Do I have to wait until my membership expires?
You may upgrade your membership at any time by contacting our Membership Department at 213.830.5646 to pay by credit card over the phone and begin receiving benefits immediately. You may also mail a check to the Museum for the difference between the membership you have and the membership you would like to upgrade into. For example, you are currently an Individual member ($60) but you would like to add your family to your membership by purchasing a Family/Dual membership ($95). You may send in a check for $25 to cover the cost of the upgraded membership. Please include a note with your check, stating that you wish to upgrade your membership and listing your name, address, membership number, and the membership level you wish to upgrade into. If you are upgrading from an Individual, Senior or Student level to a Family/Dual level or above, please include the name of your new member cardholder and they will be added to your membership. Please make your check payable to the Japanese American National Museum and mail it to the Museum (Attn: Membership Department).
Where do members park when visiting the Museum?
JANM does not have a parking lot. Visitors may find street parking or park at one of the numerous lots near the museum. Check for information on local public transportation and parking options.
I lost my membership card, how do I get a new card?
Please contact us at or by calling 213.830.5646 and we will mail you a replacement card.
How do I find out if my membership has expired?
Museum membership is valid for one year. You will begin receiving membership renewal notices the month before your membership expires. You may also check your membership card for the expiration date or contact us at or by calling 213.830.5646.
I just renewed my membership. Why did I receive another renewal notice in the mail?
If you have received a renewal notice after renewing your membership, please do not dismay. We apologize if our letters have crossed in the mail as this may occur if they were mailed around the same time.
I am a member of the Museum. How can I become more involved?
The heart of the Museum is found in its dedicated community of volunteers who share a commitment to promoting understanding and appreciation of America’s ethnic and cultural diversity through the preservation and sharing of the Japanese American experience. To learn more about the Museum’s volunteer program, please visit or call the volunteer hotline at 213.830.5645.
How do I update my mailing address so that I can continue to receive membership benefits?
If you have a change of address, please contact us at or by calling 213.830.5646.
Why didn’t I receive free admission to the Museum after making a donation?
Although extremely important and appreciated by the Museum, donations to the Museum do not carry any special privileges or benefits. If you would like to become a member of the Museum to receive benefits such as unlimited free admission for one year, please visit
How do I make an additional gift to the Museum?
Please visit or call 213.830.5631.
I have additional questions.
We are happy to answer any question that you may have regarding Museum membership. Please contact us at or by calling 213.830.5646. General museum questions, not pertaining to membership, may be answered by calling 213.625.0414.



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