History Unpacked—a DEIA program from JANM

Boost the impact of your diversity and inclusion training and create conversations by engaging your team with the power of history to promote empathy today. JANM’s dynamic resources educate and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds with the stories and lessons of the Japanese American experience.

Expand multicultural awareness in your organization


“I just wanted to say that the JANM virtual experience was an informative, and powerful heart touching event.”—SAGE Publishing

History Unpacked—A DEIA Program from JANM

History Unpacked—A DEIA Program from JANM

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History Unpacked is an hour-long virtual session that employs JANM’s rich collection to launch participants on a journey of deeper understanding about the stereotypes and assumptions that lead to a fractured American democracy.

Tailored to corporations who are expanding multicultural awareness or integrating diversity and inclusion training, our program is designed to meet your unique needs.

In your program, from a Zoom session for up to 300 to a webinar for 1,000, your team can:

  • Hear a first-person perspective of World War II incarceration
  • Explore content unique to JANM’s mission and extensive collection

With meaningful historical content, competitive pricing, and year-round availability, History Unpacked is a valuable opportunity to broaden understanding and promote unity.

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“As far as the presentation, we thought it was amazing! I honestly learned a ton and I am genuinely irritated that the history lessons I had in school had left so much out. As far as our DEI commitment at DTE, JANM went above and beyond to meet our expectations. Our DEI journey is still in its infancy stages, but we are open to learning, discussing, and listening.”—Michigan DTE Public Utilities


“A stimulating, unfiltered, and eye-opening exploration of Japanese American history, and did a great job of keeping everyone engaged, fielding verbal questions as well as chat box dialogue.”—Slickdeals

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About JANM

Established in 1985, JANM promotes understanding and appreciation of America’s ethnic and cultural diversity by sharing the Japanese American experience. Located in the historic Little Tokyo district of downtown Los Angeles, JANM is a center for civil rights, the arts, and history. Since opening to the public in 1992, JANM has presented over 100 on-site exhibitions and 40 traveling exhibitions in the US, Japan, and South America. A Smithsonian Affiliate and one of America’s Cultural Treasures. JANM houses over 160,000 artifacts on the Japanese American experience in its permanent collection. Today it has a base of more than 65,000 supporters in 50 states and 18 countries.

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