Redesign and repurpose JANM’s campus to provide welcoming, cohesive, and dynamic spaces for everyone ($20 million).

Our new core exhibition will take visitors on a journey that begins with curiosity and ends with action.The Japanese American story is a quintessential American story in the making. Our core exhibition will showcase the American story as one that is—and has always been—intrinsically multiracial, multiethnic, and multicultural. Through themes of immigration, incarceration, community trauma, post-war politics, racism and intolerance, perseverance and activism, and identity and diversity, our new core exhibition will provide a two-way space for exchange of ideas, debate, and even dissent.

rendering of future barrack

Caring for JANM’s three buildings—the Pavilion, Historic Building, and National Center for the Preservation of Democracy—takes constant attention and maintenance to ensure we can serve the public safely and comfortably. Now over twenty-five years old, our facilities need core infrastructure upgrades and replacements. From cooling systems to security systems, the stability and efficiency of JANM’s infrastructure has a direct and immediate impact on the visitor experience–and on the preservation of our historic collections for generations to come.

In addition to those essential improvements, we will build a new recording studio that allows us to integrate smart technology—artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality—to capture high-quality audio and video and to share new programming with national and global audiences.

Help us continue to ensure JANM stands as a bastion of civil rights to guarantee that what happened to Japanese Americans in 1942 would never happen to any other group. 


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