Our story is an American story. Our founders promised that the Museum would stand as a beacon of civil rights to ensure that what happened to Japanese Americans in 1942 would never happen to any other group. We are therefore embarking on the largest campaign in our history to secure our future and transform our physical and digital presence, our exhibitions, and our programming.

Last year JANM announced Our Promise, an ambitious campaign and plan for the future that includes a renovation of the Museum’s galleries, a new core exhibition, and transformational investments in its programming.

Thanks to our community’s overwhelming support and generosity from donors like you—large and small, public and private, near and far—the Museum exceeded its original goal of $65 million and will increase it to $85 million while extending the campaign until late 2026.

Your generous response reflects the value our community places on JANM and its standing as a beacon of civil rights and a keeper and storyteller of the Japanese American experience. Reinvigorating our campus, programs, and reach will bring these American stories into the future, for and with people from all backgrounds and walks of life.


In the Future We Call Now

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In its most significant change since 1999, JANM is creating its new core exhibition, In the Future We Call Now: Realities of Racism, Dreams of Democracy (2026). The exhibition will: 

  • Re-imagine how it tells the stories of Japanese Americans by drawing on today’s technological advances and national discussion around race and democracy
  • Include familiar elements from the current core exhibition to carry the World War II incarceration stories forward
  • Highlight new stories that explore the choices our community made in face of adversity as they fought towards an ever-shifting vision of the future.

Improvements to the Museum’s HVAC systems will help preserve over 150,000 objects and collections with which JANM has been entrusted (and the powerful American stories they tell) to make sure they are available and accessible to future generations.

We are incredibly grateful to the volunteers, Members, and donors who have made JANM the resource and destination it is since its founding, and for the investments they have made in our future. 

The mission of the Japanese American National Museum is to promote understanding and appreciation of America’s ethnic and cultural diversity by sharing the Japanese American experience.




JANM’s $85 Million Comprehensive Campaign to Revitalize, Amplify, Deliver, and Secure our Future.

Our Promise Campaign

Our Promise Campaign

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This $85 million campaign will help us:



Redesign and repurpose JANM’s campus to provide welcoming, cohesive, and dynamic spaces for audiences, a new core exhibition that will re-imagine how it tells the stories of Japanese Americans, and improvements to help preserve over 150,000 objects and collections with which JANM has been entrusted ($25 million)   Learn More



Activate the National Center for the Preservation of Democracy as a platform for civic engagement with events and issues that shape our nation—such as race, the fragility of democracy, shared values, civil rights and social justice, and the arts ($7.5 million)   Learn More



Power the Museum’s ability to tell stories in bold new ways, create new experiences using smart technology, share our resources nationally, and provide learning opportunities with general operating support ($32.5 million)   Learn More



Secure JANM’s future by endowing core functions ($20 million)   Learn More



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Our Progress

Thank you to our community whose generous support will strengthen the future of JANM and enable us to proudly tell our story in bold and innovative ways.

Thanks to the overwhelming response from the community, the “Our Promise” campaign has already raised $67 million—79% of our $85 million goal! We’ve received 59 leadership gifts of $100,000 and above. We now invite the public to become a part of this historic fundraising effort.

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“A successful Comprehensive Campaign will sustain JANM’s future for generations to come, enabling us to honor and amplify the great promise and vision of our founders. That is why my husband Larry (Pittman) and I made an early commitment to the Campaign and encourage everyone who embraces our mission and values to join us.”

—Wendy Shiba, Campaign Chair & JANM Board of Trustees

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Upcoming Events

Please join us for a Campaign Briefing to learn more about this exciting initiative! President and CEO Ann Burroughs and Campaign Chair Wendy Shiba will provide an overview of JANM’s Campaign vision, goals, and timeline as well as answer questions from the community. Campaign Briefings are offered both in-person and virtual.

Please check back for upcoming dates and events, or contact Jennifer Vu to schedule a private briefing at jvu@janm.org.

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    Ways to Give


    Gifts by Credit Card or Check

    Two fast and easy ways to have an immediate impact! Make checks (personal, cashier’s, money order) payable to: Japanese American National Museum.

    Wire or Electronic Funds Transfers

    We accept donations by Automated Clearing House network such as direct deposit and wire transfer. You can also set up a transfer through your donor-advised fund or corporate matching gift platform.

    Gifts of Securities

    Appreciated securities, stocks, and bonds provide tax advantages when transferred to JANM before they are sold.

    Estate Gifts

    Join our Legacy Society today by making a testamentary gift to JANM. Bequests, charitable IRA distributions, charitable gift annuities, charitable trusts, and donor-advised funds may help fulfill your legacy gift to JANM. We can work with you and your advisor to customize a gift that maximizes your philanthropic goals and provides tax advantages to you and your heirs.

    Gifts of Real Estate or Personal Property

    Tangible items such as personal homes, businesses, automobiles, or art may have a transformative impact on JANM.

    Matching Gifts

    Double or triple your philanthropic impact by inquiring if your company provides charitable matching gifts or donations for hours of volunteer service.

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      Please contact our Development Office to learn about ways to give:

      Email: development@janm.org
      Phone: 213.830.5646
      Online: janm.org/give

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      Press Releases

      JANM Raised Over $1.1 Million and Announced New Comprehensive Campaign Goal at the 2024 Benefit

      April 8, 2024

      The Japanese American National Museum (JANM) hosted its annual Benefit and Online Auction on Saturday, April 6, 2024. Set at the historic Vibiana in downtown Los Angeles with the theme Illuminating Paths, the Museum celebrated the vital paths of community leaders who wove courageous stories with poignant lessons to inspire and educate the next generation and raised over $1.1 million.


      JANM Announces $65 Million Comprehensive Fundraising Campaign

      August 5, 2023

      The Japanese American National Museum (JANM) today launched the public phase of its historic $65 million comprehensive fundraising campaign and announced an ambitious plan for the future that includes a renovation of the Museum’s galleries and a new core exhibition. Thanks to the overwhelming response from the community, specifically 59 leadership gifts of $100,000 and above, the “Our Promise” campaign has raised $48 million to date, 74% of the goal.


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