Our Man in Tokyo (The Ballad of Shin Miyata)

A short documentary about the struggles and obsessions of Shin Miyata, a Tokyo-based record label owner and promoter who specializes in the difficult task of distributing Chicano music in Japan. The film explores Miyata’s goal of bringing authentic and diverse representations of Chicano and Latinx culture to Japan. His purity of intention hasn’t brought him financial gain, but has instead delivered a wealth of understanding that has educated, enlightened, and impacted the lives of many people. Featuring Chicano Batman, Quetzal, El Haru Kuroi, and Joe Bataan.

Available with Japanese and Spanish subtitles.

Directed by Akira Boch
18 minutes

This film was produced by the Watase Media Arts Center at the Japanese American National Museum in conjunction with the Transpacific Borderlands: The Art of Japanese Diaspora in Lima, Los Angeles, Mexico City, and São Paulo exhibition. Major support provided through grants from The Getty Foundation.


Watch a Q&A with director Akira Boch who was joined by Shin Miyata and featured musicians Martha Gonzalez and Quetzal Flores of Quetzal, and David Gomez on May 15, 2020.

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