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The Japanese American National Museum Decries Racist Rhetoric Against Dominic Ng and Congresswoman Chu

LOS ANGELES, CA – The Japanese American National Museum (JANM) decries Congressman Lance Gooden’s racist and anti-Asian remarks that questioned the loyalty of Dominic Ng, CEO of East West Bank, and Congresswoman Judy Chu’s loyalty to the US. 

Recently, Gooden discussed President Biden’s appointment of Ng to lead the country’s trade interest in Asia during a televised interview. He and other House Republicans wrote to the FBI claiming that Ng should be investigated for potential ties to the Chinese Communist Party. A conservative news outlet also published a story claiming Ng and Chu had ties to Chinese intelligence groups. Chu and other House Democrats defended Ng’s appointment and expressed outrage at their colleagues’ attempts to undermine it. During Gooden’s interview, he questioned Ng and Chu’s competence and loyalty to the US–claims that are based on false information and rooted in racist rhetoric.

“Hate-filled claims like these made by elected leaders are dangerous. Attacks against Congresswoman Chu’s and Mr. Ng’s loyalty—and that of any other Asian Americans—are part of the long history of racist tropes used to discriminate against Asian Americans in the US. We know all too well what happens when these attacks go unchecked and how quickly hate-filled political rhetoric fuels hate crimes and violence,” by said Ann Burroughs, President and CEO of JANM.